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"The French Record," Letters, the French Embassy and Gottlieb, about Vichy, France, Mitterand, etc. Washington Post Book World, September 12, 1993.

The Lamp of God: A Jewish Book of Light

Tracing 3,000 years of Jewish writing on light (the Bible, Talmud, Midrash, and Kabbalah), The Lamp of God depicts the relationship between lamps, vessels of light, and light itself—male and female, God and the soul, matter and spirit, the artist and the creative medium—and is a contemporary meditation on how it works.

"A Love Made out of Nothing"

Jewish Week, March 13,2017

Does God love some individuals more than others and if so, what qualities qualify for special favor?

Gut Renovation

Gut Renovation is a midrashic memoir-in-progress about the total transformation of a Jerusalem apartment that was originally an Arab water well. With a motley cast of residents and neighbors past and present, the experience epitomizes the alchemical changes that turn out to be life-altering.